Frequently Asked Questions

No. Here is what will happen when you train at Nikao:

  1. We train in cycles (endurance, muscle toning, strength, and active recovery), so you’ll never get too much of one training modality.

  2. Which means, this type of training plan provides you with balanced, well-rounded, physical fitness.  

  3. If you listen to what your body is telling you, in regards to how much and when to eat, you’ll always provide your body with ample amount of nutrients to look and feel great.

1. Am I going to get bulky?

Anything done without care and intention has the potential to get you hurt. It’s like driving your car, a failure to obey the rules of the road and regular vehicle maintenance will result in disaster.


Here’s our plan at Nikao to keep you far away from injury:

  1. ​See how you’re moving; where can you get better and where are you good to go?

  2. Correct any and all erroneous movement patterns so the body is operating as it was designed.

  3. Slowly and steadily add intensity and resistance where appropriate to keep you moving forward, getting stronger, and staying safe.

2. I’ve heard CrossFit only results in injuries, is that true?

You don’t. Here is how we accommodate all fitness abilities for each and every class:

Workouts are broken up into three sections:

  • Foundation: Learn how your body currently moves and how to train it to move the way it was designed. Learning essential movement patterns to create a strong fitness foundation

  • Enthusiast: Mastery over foundational movements, addition of more complex tasks and resistance. Continue to train and correct faulty movement patterns learned in foundation stage.

  • Athlete: Firm grasp of how your body works, how to correct faulty movement patterns, and the ability to maintain maximum tension and rigidity to create stability and safety for your body, no matter the exercise.

3. How fit do you need to be to start?

4.I have a (fill in the blank) injury, can I still workout?

Absolutely! The only limitation you have to getting fit, with or without an injury, is the limitation(s) you put on yourself.


Everyone gets injured, it’s a part of life, some of them we can avoid (e.g. overuse injuries, poor form, progressing too fast, etc.) some we cannot.


Unless you’re in a full body cast, we will always have a safe and appropriate modification so you can keep moving forward and stay fit.

5. I’ve had (fill in the blank) surgery, can I still workout?

Unless given explicit directions from your doctor, exercise is a fantastic way to recover from a surgery.


Our goal at Nikao is to keep you moving.


Granted, depending on your surgery you may or may not be moving the same way you did pre-surgery, but there is a way to modify every single exercise to keep you moving forward and, hopefully, prevent any further surgery.

6. What’s the best diet to lose weight fast?

The one that is specific to you.


How do you find out what is specific to you? By keeping a food journal or a food log. We are more than happy to help you stay accountable to your meal plan by checking your food diary/log.


Rule of thumb for everyone, get a carb, a fat, and a protein with every single meal and snack.