How to Spot a Good Fitness Trainer

We’ve all been there. It’s late at night and you’re lying on the couch scarfing Doritos and scrolling through Instagram when you spot an ad for another fitness program. This one promises results in seven days, and the glossy before and after photos are alluring enough for you to pause the Dorito eating. That’s it! You promise yourself, for the fourth time this month, you will start a workout regime once and for all. But how can you spot a good trainer and workout plan among all of the options available? Here are a few tips to help decipher which trainers know what they’re talking about, and which ones you should run away from fast.

Are They Selling Fad Diet Products? Many fitness influencers supplement their income by selling fad diet products. Detox pills, juice cleanses, and fat burners are some of the most popular. If the products they’re selling are essential to the success of their training program, red flag. A workout program worth your time and money (paired with healthy eating habits) should stand on its own. Do your research on these products before trusting this person with your health and fitness. Are these products healthy for your body? Are they sustainable long term? Is your health and wellness really a top priority to this trainer, or do they just want to sell as many products as possible? These are great questions to ask yourself to see if this trainer’s beliefs align with your health goals. If a trainer constantly talks about “quick fixes” and “shedding pounds fast”, that could be a sign this program may work temporarily but won’t be beneficial long term. Or worse, could cause health complications depending on the intensity of the program or products. If a product concerns you or raises red flags, it’s best to consult a doctor or health professional and move on with your fitness trainer search.

Is There Variety in Their Programming? While scrolling through social media, you may stumble upon fitness influencers who constantly brag about the intensity of their workouts. “This workout will get you shredded!” or “This program will jack you up!” While these phrases make me want to run for the hills, some people really perk up when they hear these things. Whatever floats your boat. But, be cautious when workout programs only provide high-intensity workouts. Same goes for workout programs that only focus on legs or only focus on stretching. These are all great individually, but if you only focus on one body part or one intensity level then you’re doing your body a disservice. Your body needs variety to be well rounded. Your heart gets stronger by doing cardio, your muscles get stronger through strength training, and stretching helps with balance and flexibility. A great workout program will offer a little bit of everything.

Are There Modifications? The absolute best trainers will meet you exactly where you are currently. Many people think they have to get in shape before they even start a workout program, but a great trainer will have modifications for every workout. Some people are naturally athletic and can hop into a new fitness routine with ease, and some people struggle walking up a flight of stairs. No judgements, everyone has to start somewhere! Look for a program or trainer that can easily modify a workout based on your needs and abilities. This shows they’re knowledgeable about the body, but also care about you and your fitness journey.

Deciding to make your health and fitness a priority is a big step! Don’t be discouraged or intimidated by what you see on social media or anywhere else. Your fitness journey is personal and will become a part of your lifestyle, so do some research and find the workout program that works best for you.

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