5 Ways to Help You Eat Better

Updated: Mar 2

You don’t have time to cook delicious and nutritious meals. You know it’s important, but you have zero cares about cooking and even fewer cares about making a nutritious meal after a long day (which is most days).

What you want to do is order some fast food that’s not terrible for you, but it’s not great either, and relax on the sofa while you watch the latest episodes of Stranger Things (which are not relaxing, btw).

So, in the world of hustle and bustle, how do you make delicious, nutritious meals to keep you healthy and get you fit without having to spend all day in the kitchen (including clean up)?

My wife and I are well acquainted with this predicament. We both have busy days, neither of us want to cook AND clean the kitchen, but we know we must eat well to prevent illness, stay strong, and keep our minds sharp.

Here are 5 things we do to help each other eat well, stay fit, and, most importantly, stay sane!

1. Figure out what everyone likes to eat

  • This may sound like a no-brainer, but if one person loves sweet tastes (me) and the other loves the salty (my wife) you’re going to disagree on some things.

  • Not everyone in your household is going to be ecstatic about EVERY single meal prepared (if they don’t like it, they can offer to make dinner, amiright?), mixing up your meals is key to getting everyone on board.

2. Plan out your meals

  • This is NOT meal prepping, we’re talking about a general strategy. For example, every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday at our house. I look forward to that meal every week. We can change up the protein, dress up the extras (like spinach instead of lettuce), and you can even ditch the tortilla (only happens when we run out at our house).

  • This is so you can look forward to the meals you get to have each week, and it means less time wandering around the kitchen every night wondering and wasting time on the question, “what should I make tonight”? Which leads me to the next point…

  • Pinterest: This might sound extremely silly, but I’m pretty sure there are an infinite amount of recipes on pinterest. You can find gluten free recipes, 10min meal recipes, high protein recipes, it’s all there.

  • Most weekends, my wife will scour pinterest and other popular food bloggers websites to find the quickest, most delicious meals she can make in about 15 to 20 minutes. You will save yourself a lot of headaches and belly aches by just saving the meals you want to eat at the beginning of each week.

3.When planning meals, choose one protein, one carb, and one fat for every meal

  • This may also sound simple, but it's important you get all three macronutrients to the table (no matter the meal or snack).

  • As you begin to eat consistently better, you will start to learn which macronutrient your body needs the most (note: it will be different from person to person). It helps to keep a food journal or a food log, not to count calories, but to figure out what fuel YOUR body needs to get you moving for maximum fitness efficiency.

4. Have one person do the cooking and the other person(s) do the cleaning.

  • Granted, this may not work so well if you’re cooking for one, but if you have a roommate, permanent or non-permanent, whom you cook for, best to work out a deal with them.

  • I am not the cook in our house, I’m quite terrible at remembering to use spices, but I can clean like a champ.

  • A word to the wise, if a meal gets cooked a kitchen gets cleaned.

5. Go out and enjoy a couple restaurants over the weekend.

  • If you live in Tulsa, there are several great establishments to reward those taste buds for a week of eating well.

  • You should be able to go out with family and friends over the weekend without having to worry about breaking your nutrition “bank”

  • Everything in moderation, don’t be afraid to enjoy a night out. You have 5 to 6 days of eating well ahead of you, it will balance out, I promise.

Eating better doesn’t mean you have to meal prep like a bodybuilder, you just need to tweak some of your decision making processes at the beginning of each week.

In the digital world there are more recipes readily available to us than ever before. Use technology and social media as a tool to help you create better meals for you and your household.

Starting today, we will be posting some of our favorite meals to our Instagram and Facebook stories. We like quick, easy, and delicious meals, so go check it out! If you find a quick, delicious recipe be sure to share it with us on our Facebook page, or tag us in your instagram posts.

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