4 Low Impact Banded Exercises

You’re living in a Catch-22. You know a workout routine would help your low back and knees stop hurting, but your low back and knees are always in pain when you workout.

Are you doomed to dependency on Ibuprofen and Advil? Do those weight loss goals need to go on hold indefinitely and should you just settle with the fact that you’ll never feel comfortable in your own skin?

To answer those previous questions candidly, absolutely not! Just because you can’t do a full squat, lunge, or RDL doesn’t mean you have to give up on bettering yourself and your fitness.

Here are 4 Low impact lower body exercises to help get your rear in gear (so you CAN do squats, lunges, and rdl’s).

  1. Banded Side Steps

  2. Tree Pose Kickbacks

  3. Monster Walks

  4. Banded Plank

Some of the most important muscles in the body are worked while completing squats and deadlifts, which is why they're great to do. But if you have low back and/or knee pain these are the last two exercises you want to do! Do these 4 exercises to start eliminating low back and knee pain, so you CAN do squats and deadlifts pain free!

Of course, you can always write this off and do nothing, but that’s what you’ve been doing and how has that worked for you?

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