Simplify Your Fitness

Lose fat and move pain free with our training and nutrition programs

You don't have to live with achy joints.

When your joints are constantly hurting, it starts to take a toll on your daily life. The frustration of having to give up activities you used to enjoy is enough to make you grab for the pain relievers. Between pills and doctor visits, the costs can add up quickly. But we have a more affordable solution to help you live pain-free and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Our programs help:

Lay a Strong Fitness Foundation

Increase Strength & Muscle Tone

Increase Energy

Increase Self-Esteem

Decrease Fat

We don't just care about how much weight you lift, we care about how you feel.

We’ve helped hundreds of people go about their days with less joint pain and have helped dozens of people

move better post-surgery.

"Training at Nikao means being able to start my fitness journey, overweight and out of shape, in a supportive environment under the direction of a well -qualified coach who is able to quickly assess individual needs to maximize the effectiveness of each member’s workout."

"Attention to technique and a distinct lack of bravado."

"You can go to any gym, but here I feel accountability and a close eye to prevent injuries."

How to Get Started:


Schedule your No Sweat Intro.  A 20 minute, 1-on-1 to learn what programs we have for you.

Pick a Plan

Everyone has different needs, we have an option that fits yours.

Get Moving

Once you've chosen your program, you'll have a game plan. Time to take action!

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An average knee replacement in the U.S. costs $57,000. The average gym membership in the U.S. costs $150 per month. Sometimes, a monthly gym membership can seem like an unnecessary expense, but investing in high-quality training will save you a lot of pain and money in the long run. Our training programs focus on moving well and creating a strong fitness foundation. If you’re looking for a gym to throw around heavy weights with no intention, then sadly we are not the gym for you. If you want to live a pain-free life filled with energy to run around with your kids, then Book a No Sweat Intro.

Meet the Team

Trevor Bridges- BS in HES, CFL1, USAW L1

Head Trainer

Have you ever ditched your fitness routine because you were frustrated at the lack of results, didn't know how to progress, or just felt completely overwhelmed at all the fitness information on the internet? My goal is to simplify your fitness to help you achieve your goals faster, safer, and with a dash of fun.

Michelle Bridges

Brand Manager

If the idea of working out is scary, then let's talk! Working out used to intimidate me until I learned there are ways to modify every move. My role is behind-the-scenes, but you'll find me on the fitness floor throughout the week.  

Head Greeter

Remington is an enthusiastic employee who has worked her way up to Head Greeter. She has a heart for people, loves running and giving kisses, and is an avid foodie.


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